The ubiquitous weaponization of the technology that takes your job

I am working my way through the Pew Research Internet Project on Robotics, AI and the Future of Jobs. Right up my alley. I’ll offer a full response sometime soon, but I just wanted to record this quote.

It is from David Solomonoff, president of the New York Chapter of the Internet Society

He wrote, in response to one of the questions in the Pew survey about the creation of new jobs:

“Hard to give a specific number or statistic here. New jobs will also be created. One hundred years ago pundits predicted something like the Internet, the Web and widespread adoption of mobile communications—but they never would have guessed that there would be a new type of job called “web developer”. That being said, societies will have to adapt their economic policies to accommodate growing wealth created by technology and the reduction in older types of job opportunities. Those that do will prosper, those that don’t will see large scale unrest fueled by the cheap, ubiquitous weaponization of these same technologies.”

Got that? Those who don’t prosper are going to suffer from the “ubiquitous weaponization” of the same technologies that take their jobs.


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