Book Reviews

You would need more than a basic income to afford this book on the basic income



This sounds like a great read, but with a recommended retail price of $AUD295, um, I don’t think so….

Basic Income: An Anthology of Contemporary Research presents a compilation of six decades of Basic Income literature. It includes the most influential empirical research and theoretical arguments on all aspects of the Basic Income proposal.

  • Includes six decades of the most influential literature on Basic Income
  • Includes unpublished and hard-to-find articles
  • The first major compendium on one of the most innovative political reform proposals of our age
  • Explores multidisciplinary views of Basic Income, with philosophical, economic, political, and sociological views
  • Features contributions from key and well-known philosophers and economists, including Atkinson, Simon, Friedman, Fromm, Gorz, Offe, Rawls, Pettit, Van Parijs, and more
  • Presents the best theoretical and empirical arguments for and against Basic Income












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