Back to the garden

This wonderful photo of Bob Dylan and The Band, taken in 1967 outside the “Big Pink” house near Woodstock where they recorded the Basement Tapes, captures something essential, I think.

I’m thinking it’s something like — this is what work should be: barefoot, collegial, creative, ultimately joyous.

Work, rest and play: simultaneous

Make no mistake, when we think of rock n’ roll and the sixties and musicians, the image we tend to conjure is one of drugs and sex and a general devil-may-care hedonism, but it wasn’t.  Or wasn’t only.  These guys were serious musicians who struggled for their art and worked hard to achieve a certain level of technical mastery.  What they did was work, but we don’t tend to think of it that way.

Work, for too many people, is drudgery, but imagine robots do all that.  Or most of it.  Imagine a basic income.

It’s Friday afternoon.  What better time to be thinking beyond work….about a busted utopia…

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