About Busted Utopia

Welcome…..The site is very much under construction, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be getting on with things…..

In these pages I will be collecting together articles and information on the future of work, rest and play.  There will be original pieces, including interviews, book reviews and essays.

The site is driven primarily by an interest in the way in which various developments in late capitalism are making jobs disappear and what this might mean for the world of the near future.

As such, I am interested in developments in 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

Driverless cars are going to save lives but kill jobs

As fascinating as these developments are, what I am more interested in is the idea that the jobs that have supported a middle class in developed Western nations are structurally disappearing.

So apart from the technology, I am also interested in democracy and governance.  I am interested in citizenship and the ways in which we might respond to these structural changes.

I will therefore be looking at responses such as a Universal Basic Income and taxes on international finance.

I want to believe that we will be smart enough to not just hand over the future to the one percent, and that we will have the guts to stand up for some semblance of equality as the jobs that support a fair society are made to disappear.

I am not looking for Utopia, but I’m also not willing to throw up my hands and declare that we can’t shape a better future.

Five other things you need to know about Busted Utopia

  1. It is written and curated by Tim Dunlop
  2. It is really about the politics, not the tech
  3. I am very keen to accept feedback, contributions or suggestions for topics, links etc
  4. Coming soon: a truly fabulous newsletter
  5. A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing.” Oscar Wilde said that.
  6. “Utopia” actually means “no place” not “ideal/perfect place”
  7. Yes, that is more than five things

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  1. Very much like the topic(s)! Look forward to reading more once the lawns are mowed using non-artificial non-intelligence with nary a robot in site. Thanks


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